Republicans are Destroying This Country (On Purpose)

South façade of the White House, the executive...

Is this worth destroying the country for?

Republicans and their lack of compassion for anyone that isn’t a Christian white male with a sizable bank account have been detrimental to our country in countless ways. Their proposed policies on the economy, the environment, civil rights, and religious freedom (among others) have all attempted to lead us in the wrong direction, where we would be looking backward instead of forward. But, despite their misguided ideas, it could at least be believed that the GOP was genuinely trying to do what they thought was best for America. Even though they were failing, their intentions were good. They were partisan, sure, but they were working within the system to address the perceived concerns of their constituents. Because, above all, Republicans were patriots (at least according to their ubiquitous propaganda), and true patriots would never do anything to harm the land they loved.

But, if this article from AlterNet is to be believed, this is no longer the case. Now, Republicans are actively rooting for America to fail. Their new goal is to make the President look bad so that he can be defeated in the next election. When in the past they had sought to win through ideas and charismatic leadership, they now have been reduced to spiteful, childish attacks against Obama, knowing that is their only chance for victory.

But, at what cost? Is it really worth destroying the nation to regain control of the White House? Republicans have shown that they don’t know how to govern the country when it is doing well (see the transition from Clinton to Bush), so how can they hope to accomplish anything positive when they have driven America into the ground?

Republicans have vowed to vote against Obama’s new jobs plan, despite the fact that his plan has not even been released yet. They have stubbornly prohibited Obama from making numerous appointments. Recess appointments have always been common practice (Bush made 171 recess appointment during his time in office), but the GOP has resorted to petty maneuvering in order to keep Obama from doing so. What appointments he has been able to make (not during a recess, of course) have often been blocked by Congress. More than one in five nominees have been blocked, leaving many important positions unfilled. In the case of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Congressional Republicans agreed to block whoever Obama chose to head the Bureau before he even made a nomination. This is all in addition to their ridiculous economic proposals, efforts to destroy the environment, and attempts to strip the civil rights from the triple threat of women, minorities, and non-Christians.

So, what does this all mean? It means that the Republicans have realized that there is no one in their party that can win the Presidential election solely on their own merit. They realize that the only path to victory is to take down Obama. They are willing to destroy our country just to win an election. And, they will do so while maintaining their holier-than-thou facade, claiming that Obama and the Democratic Party are responsible for everything that is wrong in America today, hoping that will garner them a few more votes next November. They are spiteful, petty, deceptive, and childish. They are counting on the voters of this country to be so easily misled that we don’t see what they’re doing. So, we must let them know that we do see what they’re doing, and that we won’t stand for it. Don’t be fooled by their shenanigans. Don’t let them destroy our country.

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