#OWS Day of Action

Wall Street New York

New posts are coming, I promise.

But, in the meantime…I know this is late, but it still needs to be noted that this was a big week in non-violent demonstration (at least from the side of the protesters).

In case you’ve been living under a rock, there was a national “Day of Action” related to the Occupy Wall Street movement.  And, despite the fact that the protesters were completely non-violent, the reaction was not.

  • A good wrap-up comes from Allison Kilkenny (who does great work for the Nation, In These Times, and on her podcast, Citizen Radio)
  • This is an incredibly powerful and disturbing photo from a simultaneous protest in Portland, and here is some background.
  • And, just in case you haven’t noticed how much the police have over-reacted to what has been almost entirely a non-violent protest, here is a clip from a protest at UC Davis, where a group of protesting students are pepper sprayed by a police officer while they are peacefully sitting down on a sidewalk.  It is a complete over-reaction, and it is indicative of the overall response to a movement that has gone out of its way to be peaceful and non-violent.

But, if you can make it past the horrific brutality of the police at the beginning of this clip, you’ll see that the non-violent student protesters are successful in driving out the police.

This is far from the only clip of its kind (for instance, here’s a clip of police beating a war veteran protester), but it is indicative of the national response to what has been a completely peaceful protest.

I don’t really have much to say in reaction to all of this, other than I am completely in awe of the protesters, and completely disgusted by the response.  I just wanted to voice my support for those that are standing up for the rest of us, and my disappointment in those that are trying to silence them.

Keep fighting the good fight.  Each of you that are protesting are standing up for thousands of us that can’t be there, and I just wanted to say how much I appreciate all that you are doing.





3 thoughts on “#OWS Day of Action

  1. God Bless OWS. The world is watching and this is still a movement that is engaging the people. We need this energy to funnel through every ballot box next year. Please keep waking up your family and friends to the traffic jam in the halls of government, specifically the GOP led house on their pet projects having much ado over nothing and the senate with the over use of the filibuster.

    • I just love one of the answers to this poll queitson The protests kicked off a new season of change. Give me a break. We have had enough change. These occupy scumbags are just a collection of anarchists, communists, committed leftwing extremists, union thugs, enlightened suburban liberals, and an assortment of riff-raff.The only change they want is more tax dollars from hard working people of all economic, racial, and social backgrounds. They have their hand out for free stuff, and demand that the government give it to them.Of course, they don’t say that directly. These cowards hide their agenda behind all sorts of euphemisms and proxies for their communist agenda. Regardless of the cause, the environment, health care, equal rights, and my favorite, the ubiquitous fair share, their agenda is clear. They want and end to the United States to be replaced by their distorted vision of the socialist workers paradise.The irony is that the Marxist states they want to emulate would have rounded them up and either thrown them in prison labor camps, or executed them long ago.

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