I’m Back…

After a lengthy hiatus, I am back to blogging here at WordsNotBullets.

Publicity photo from the television program Wl...

I’m back, but will I get the same reception as Mr. Kotter?

I have been busy in the interim, writing for the Los Angeles Valley Star, and blogging at Campus Progress and Pushback.

I highly encourage you to check out the work I did there, as well as that of their other very talented writers. I will continue to blog at Campus Progress and Pushback, but I should also be doing a lot more writing here. Thanks for reading, and there should be new content coming soon.

One thought on “I’m Back…

  1. Or it is a murder weoapn in a closed case. Or it was a weoapn used in a justifiable shooting for personal protection. Or the guy cut his hand on something and it was secondary transfer. Or any number of other possibilities. How quickly you jump to the conclusion that someone with a firearm resorted to unnecessary violence for a minor personal slight . That stinks of the not winning anti-rights mentality. Correct me if I’m wrong, but otherwise I’ll be waiting for you to light a candle.This is a perfect example of jumping to a suitable conclusion without having all of the facts. Or someone’s just being snarky.DWH

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