Shifting Demographics, Shifting Laws?

A recent survey found some encouraging news for anti-gun folks:

A survey released earlier this week by the Pew Research Center finds that over 6 in 10 American gun owners are white men. Overall, 74 percent of gun owners are male and 82 percent are white. Just 7 percent of gun owners are African-American and 6 percent are Hispanic.

This may not mean much right now, as the huge number of guns owned by Americans continues to be a huge problem, regardless of who owns them.  But, it could mean good things for the future.  ThinkProgress paired this news with a chart showing a projected decline in the percentage of the population composed of whites, with Hispanics, Blacks, and Asians all increasing:


So, assuming that current ownership trends continue, it appears likely that gun control may follow in the steps of drugs, gay marriage, women’s health care, and other one-time minority opinions that are rapidly gaining support.  As American demographics change, so might the laws.  We can only hope that as the percentage of the population that owns guns continues to shrink, their influence over legislation will follow suit.

Of course, this is taking the very long view of a problem that has daily, immediate consequences.  But, on the heels of the recent discouraging defeat of gun legislation in the Senate, any good news is reason for optimism.

7 thoughts on “Shifting Demographics, Shifting Laws?

  1. “Just 7 percent of [LEGAL] gun owners are African-American and 6 percent are Hispanic.”

    A “survey,” that means you ask people if they own a gun a believe they are telling you the truth. So you ask some black man or woman living in Chicago, “Do you own a gun,” and sure they are going to say “No!”. Dude, it is like probably illegal for black people to own a gun in Chicago.

    There is a law in computer science called the GIGO rule which means:

    “Garbage In, Garbage Out”

    That is your study. A perfect example of the GIGO rule.


    • Do you have any data to back up your argument, or is this just more speculation? I welcome comments and encourage dialogue, but I would kindly ask that you keep your racist theories to yourself. Thanks.

  2. So you are making the argument that non-white people owning guns are a minority, while still admitting that they are a minority?

    By extrapolating your data and assuming that nobody lied when asked if they had guns, then 7 out of 12 black people own guns and 6 out of 14 hispanics own guns.

    If the minorities become majorities, then they’ll also bring the gun owning minorities into a majority.

    Seriously, go back to school and re-learn maths because you dun-goof’d with this post.

    • I claim no expertise in math, but it is very clear that you are not reading this information correctly. I assume that your claim that “7 out of 12 black people own guns and 6 out of 14 hispanics own guns” comes from comparing the percentages of those groups among gun owners and among the total population, using the 2005 figures. This is flawed, as can be seen if the same were done using the corresponding percentages of whites. This would mean that 82 out of 68 white people own guns, which obviously is impossible.

      To simplify, whites currently make up a much greater percentage of gun owners than they do of the total population, while the opposite is true of all other groups. So, as the percentage of the total population made up of those with the highest rate of gun ownership (whites) decreases and the percentage of the total population made up of those with lower rates of gun ownership (everyone else) increases, the total percentage of gun ownership among the entire population will decrease.

      I hope this clarifies things. Thanks for reading!

  3. ha fuck you guys im Hispanic and going to own firearms I as a minority have even more reason to be able to defend myself when no one else will I be a statistic of a defenseless victim in low income neighborhood I am a god damn american dont you fucking act with me like I wasnt born with a right to bear arms to use for self defense

  4. Unlike you unamerican communists and fascists I protect all my rights and of everyone elses all of you willing to violate my rights to complete your agenda at the expense of good people suffering you start taking a right or infringing one we can turn into somalia or north korea dont act like this nation is holy the only reason this republic has survived for so long is because of its good citizens that had individual rights well protected that let them thrive nazi germany soviet union british empire all of its citizens considered subjugates to those in power god have mercy on a elected representative ever consider me his/her subjugate.

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