Stop Funding the Enemy – Move Your Money


Today is Bank Transfer Day, a day for people all across America to take their money out of the big banks that have caused much of the current economic turmoil and that continue to show no regard for the people of this country.  The banks have taken taxpayer money that was intended to be used for loans to people who needed them, and instead used it to reward their already grossly over-compensated executives for continuing the practices that have destroyed our economy and forced people out of their homes.

This is a symbolic movement, but an important one.  A few thousand middle-class people taking their money out of the banks will not do much actual harm to these institutions.  They are sitting on huge amounts of money, and will surely be able to survive the loss of whatever funds are withdrawn today.  But, the point is to send a message.  We need to let the banks, and the people who run them, know that we will no longer tolerate their behavior.  We will not let them play games with our money, and we will not reward them for what they have done to us and to our economy.  Americans are starving, and the banks and bankers are richer than ever.  We are not against wealth, but we are against wealth gained through cheating and stealing and exploiting a broken and corrupt system.

This is part of a wave that has already seen more than 650,000 people open accounts at credit unions in the past month, more than did so all of last year.  This is a simple but meaningful way for you to join the fight against the 1% and their insatiable greed.

If you don’t know how to take your money out of the big banks, or what to do with it once you do, here are a few helpful tips.

So, there is no excuse not to move your money and stop funding the very people who continue to destroy the American economy.  Thousands of people have already done it, and thousands more have pledged to do it today.  Join them.